Q What kind of facility does Our Savior Lutheran have?
Our Savior Lutheran School operates an outstanding facility that includes a full-size gym, preschool classrooms equipped with bathrooms, library, worship chapel, and classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards. We also have a large playground and field for students to play on during recess.
Q How long has Our Savior Lutheran School been open?
Our Savior Lutheran’s first kindergarten class began in 1964. Since then, we’ve added grade levels, students, staff, classrooms, and programs.
Q What grade levels are offered?
We offer preschool (age 2-PreKindergarten) through grade 8. Our preschool classes are offered on a part- or full-time basis, full or half days.
Q What hours is school in session?
The school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:15. Preschoolers attending a half day are released at 11:30.
Q Do you have to be Lutheran or a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church to attend?
No, many of our families attend other churches in the area. Lutheran teachings are the basis for our religious instructional materials. Families from other Christian denominations find that our religion classes, classroom devotions, and chapel services support their efforts to raise strong Christian children. Where Lutheran teachings differ from a child’s home church, we continue to respect the child while acknowledging those differences.
Q Does Our Savior Lutheran require uniforms?
Students in grades K-8 are required to wear standardized dress. Please see our school handbook for details.
Q Is Our Savior Lutheran accredited?
Accreditations include Missouri Non-Public School Accrediting Association, National Lutheran School Association, and National Federation of Non-Public School State Accrediting Association
Q What curriculum is taught?
Early childhood classes learn through play. Social skills, colors, numbers, shapes start the process of learning. Starfall and Scholastic web-based programs are used through Kindergarten. Elementary classes use “One in Christ” Religion, Saxon Math, Pearson Reading and text/web-based Social Studies, Houghton-Mifflin Spelling and text/web-based Science, McGraw Hill Language Arts, Zaner-Bloser Vocabulary, and Learning Without Tears Handwriting. The textbook and workbook materials are used, along with various other materials and websites, to enhance the curriculum.
Q Who are your teachers?
Our teachers have a wide range of experience, and are highly trained and educated. Please see our staff biographies for more details.
Q How many students are in each classroom?
We maintain a low student-teacher ratio. Our maximum class size for our two year old class is 12 students, with aide assistance over 6 students. Our maximum class size for our three and four year old classes is 15, with aide assistance over 10 students. The maximum number for elementary school is 24, with aide assistance over 12 students for Kindergarten through Grade 2 as deemed appropriate.
Q How do students perform on standardized tests?
Each year the Iowa Basic Achievement Test is administered to students in grades K-8. Test scores average 16% over the state averages of “Proficient” or “Advanced” levels for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Q What technology is available to students?
Students in all classes use interactive white boards. PC-like Brightlinks are used in Grades 1 and 2. PCs are used in the technology lab by Kindergarten. Chromebooks are used by middle school. Netbooks are used by grades 1-4.
Q Where do graduates of Our Savior Lutheran attend high school?
Our graduates attend both private and public high schools, including Lutheran South High School, as well as high schools in the Rockwood, Lindbergh, Fox, and Northwest school districts.
Q How can I keep up with the progress/grades of my child?
Information regarding your child’s grades, homework assignments, updates from teachers and the school, as well as extended school case balances can be found on FastDirect once enrolled. The office will provide you with sign on information at back to school night in August.
Q Is there a Before and After School Care program?
Yes, Extended School Care (ESC) provides a safe and caring environment for our students and is available starting at 6:30am, with after care available until 6pm.
Q What extra-curricular activities and sports does OSL offer?
Cross Country is available to students in grades K-8, girls volleyball, boys basketball and girls basketball and track start in 5th grade and academic team and yearbook. Equations club, and Aero Club are offered to grades 3+.
Q Are there opportunities for parent to volunteer?
Yes! We love our parent volunteers! We have many opportunities for volunteering throughout the year, from assisting with field trips and tutoring, to working with our Parent Teacher League. Our teachers also have opportunities for parent volunteers throughout the year.
Q Why should we choose Our Savior Lutheran School?
Each child is a valuable part of Our Savior Lutheran, a Christian school. Dedicated teachers focus on the individual child and helping our students develop to their full potential. Our smaller class sizes allow us to build on each child’s unique set of strengths in a caring and nurturing environment. Please take a moment to see what some of our parents and students say about Our Savior Lutheran School.
Q Is tuition assistance available?
We offer flexible payment options: annual, semi-annual, or monthly (10-month or auto withdraw) payment plans. Financial aid is primarily available through Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA). Application through FACTS is necessary to request assistance. Deadline for application and all paperwork is April 15 at midnight. New students registering after April 15 can apply for funds LESA has available at that time.
Q How do I schedule a tour?
Please call 636-343-7511 or email the principal: . We would love to show you why we think Our Savior Lutheran School is the right place for your child.