• “ OSL has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. They did an extraordinary job when COVID hit last year and everyone had to transition to learning from home. We also love the smaller class sizes which allows the teachers to focus on each student's unique learning styles. The new St. Louis County library next door is a great perk and makes for easy field trips throughout the year! ”

    Karen DureePre-K & 2nd Grade Parent
  • “ I love that my daughter is getting a good education, a good routine, structure and learning about Jesus all at the same time. The flexibility of using the Extended School Care has also been a blessing for our changing schedules. Our Savior Lutheran has been a perfect fit! ”

    Stacie WeffelmeyerPreschool 3s Parent
  • “ We cannot say enough great things about OSL and Mrs. Baneck! Our daughter is excited to go to school EVERY SINGLE DAY! Since attending OSL, she has developed a passion for Jesus and loves to share the joy Jesus brings to her life. We are so thankful she is receiving such a great Christian education. ”

    Heidi SchmitzPreschool 3s Parent
  • “ For us, OSL offered flexible preschool options for our two year old. He has so much fun at school and enjoys going. He now sings and dances more than ever. It has also allowed him to learn more social manners. If someone in the house sneezes, he will chase them down to say, "God bless you". We have been happy with the staff, communication, and activities. We're happy our son gets to be involved in faith based learning as well! ”

    Lauren FoustPreschool 2s Parent
  • “I like Our Savior because of the size of the school. Almost everyone is your friend. It makes life a lot easier with friends.”

    Jacob8th grade
  • “I love Our Savior Lutheran because everything we learn connects to how God is involved in it. The teachers are amazing spiritual role models.”

    Sydney7th grade
  • “I like OSL because I have lots of friends that care about each other. I like going on fun field trips, like the symphony! I also love our fun projects, like the spin-a-copter. ”

    Haley4th grade
  • “A reason I like Our Savior Lutheran School is because of the smallness, it makes me feel like I'm in a big family. I like how friendly everyone is.”

    Kevin6rd grade
  • “My teachers listen to me always, and I am treated fairly all the time.”

  • “I learn about the power that Jesus has given us.”

  • “I like that there is a church with our school. It is great to sing songs to God.”

    Joseph1st grader
  • “I like that there are so many good friends. All of the teachers are nice here. The hot lunch is good, too. I also like the technology and walking to the St. Louis Public Library next door.”

    Lucas4th grader
  • “I love OSL because it is a small school and everyone knows each other. I love that we get to learn about Christ and sing hymns. Everyone is so nice, and we do a lot of fun projects.”

    Wyatt5th grader
  • “I like using the computers for 'everything'.”

    Grady1st grader
  • “I love our Savior because I learn so much. We get to learn about Christ and share his love with others. We get to do so many fun things, like projects. I hope you will join Our Savior.”

    Abby5th grader
  • “I love Our Savior because math is awesome! Sometimes we play a game called "Prodigy" on our netbooks, and I can go above my grade level. The kids here are really nice. Art is fun, too, because there are lots of fun crafts! Recess is really fun. There are lots of fun things to do at Our Savior Lutheran School!”

    Shelby3rd grader
  • “I like Our Savior because we get to learn about Jesus and what He has done for us. The teachers are very encouraging and want us to do our best and learn a lot.”

    Emma7th grader
  • “Our Savior has greatly prepared me for high school. The teachers really went the extra mile when teaching. Now I am ahead in all my classes at my new school.” 1

    Kyra8th Grade 2016