• “ Our first grader has been at OSL since pre-school 3's. The small close-knit learning environment allows the teachers to really get to know the students and meet their learning needs wherever they are. The best part of OSL is that the Christian education extends beyond the formal "religion class" to the Christian values and examples being taught. ”

    Holly SpraulParent/Church Member 2016/17
  • “ We have experienced an excellent education for our children at this school, and we would highly recommend it to others. ”

    Sam & Melissa Murrell4th & 8th Grade Parent 2015/16
  • “ I love our school with its small class sizes. Our teachers and principal really care about the students' successes in all areas of their studies and for the family unit itself. My son thrives at Our Savior Lutheran ”

    Michelle Gordon4rd Grade Parent 2016/17
  • “ A Christian education is the greatest blessing we can pass on to our children ”

    AnonymousOSLC Congregation Member 2015
  • “ I love the faith-based character education my children receive. The teaching staff and curriculum at the school are amazing. I love the smaller class sizes and the individual attention and customized lessons they receive. ”

    Jason & Sarah ClardyPreschool and 1st Grade Parent 2015/16
  • “ My daughter is excelling in all areas of her development and will be ready for kindergarten thanks to the support and encouragement of the staff at OSL. My daughter is safe, loved and nurtured in Christ during her school day. ”

    Tony & hanie BaileyPreschool Parent 2015/16
  • “ As an educator of 18 years now (at another school), I am impressed by the way Our Savior staff and curriculum go out of their way to teach to the whole child. Every child learns differently and is unique in their own learning strategies. My child enjoys coming to school each day and even looks forward to it. This is new to us, as previously he did not and would even cry about going to school. It is an honor to have my child at Our Savior. ”

    Wayne & Amanda SimpkinsParent/Church Member 2017/18
  • “ I was amazed at how friendly and accepting the other middle school kids were of my daughter her first year. She made several friends the first week of school and loves it here! ”

    Jamie Parent 2019/20
  • “This school is an awesome place because once you get to my school, everybody greets you and wants to be your friend. The learning processes are great! You can learn like 5 things a day, and it is not boring at all. The teachers make it fun every time you come to learn something.” 1

    Jacob5th grade 2016/17
  • “I love Our Savior Lutheran School because all of the teachers are nice to the students. At OSL we learn about God’s ways and what He has done for us. I love that we get to have a lot of projects and activities.” 2

    Sydney4th grade 2016/17
  • “I like OSL because I have lots of friends that care about each other. I like going on fun field trips, like the symphony! I also love our fun projects, like the spin-a-copter. ” 3

    Haley4th grade 2016/17
  • “I like my school because it’s very fun and all the teachers are nice. My school pushes us hard. I learned 53 + 49 = 102 in first grade! We do a lot of projects in our school and I like that. We go to field trips too!” 4

    Kevin3rd grade 2016/17
  • “My teachers listen to me always, and I am treated fairly all the time.” 5

    Anonymous 2015/16
  • “I learn about the power that Jesus has given us.” 6

    Anonymous 2015/16
  • “I like that there is a church with our school. It is great to sing songs to God.” 7

    Joseph1st grader 2016/17
  • “I like that I belong to a different church and you can still come to school here.” 8

    Lucas1st grader 2016/17
  • “I like crafts and art to teach us about God's creation.” 9

    Wyatt1st grader 2016/17
  • “I like using the computers for 'everything'.” 10

    Grady1st grader 2016/17
  • “Our Savior has greatly prepared me for high school. The teachers really went the extra mile when teaching. Now I am ahead in all my classes at my new school.” 1

    Kyra8th Grade 2016