Early Childhood

Our Savior Lutheran School offers classes starting at the 2-year old level going through pre-kindergarten. With loving, play-based experiences children are well prepared for kindergarten as they begin their academic trek. Classes are available half or full days, with the preschool classes being 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week and pre-kindergarten being offered 3, 4 or 5 days a week.

Mrs. Katie Brooner

Preschool Team Leader

2-Year Old Preschool Teacher

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Mrs. Myrna Baneck

3-Year Old Preschool Teacher

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Mrs. Tamara Henry

2&3 Year Old Preschool Teacher



Ms. Teondra Lyles

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Stacey Bush

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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In the elementary grades, Our Savior Lutheran teachers strive to have a healthy mix of learning styles to help students excel and enjoy the learning process. Using differentiated learning, projects and technology, students are able to use their skills and increase their knowledge as they prepare for middle school.

Ms. Susan Burgdorf

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Jan Proemsey

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Marie Sipes

3rd/4th Grade Teacher


Mrs. Sarah Hart

5th-7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Michelle Eggold

5th-7th Grade Teacher/Principal

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