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This is the Activity Center of Our Savior Lutheran Church.  Some people call it the gym.  Much of our school's physical education program happens here.  Basketball and volleyball games with other schools take place here.  Youth and adults have used this facility for similar purposes.  But this is more than a gym.  This is also a dining room.  This facility has provided for everything from school lunches to sausage dinners to a wedding reception.  But this is more than a dining room.  It is also a theater.  Here our youth have presented the dramatic story of our Savior's suffering and death.  Our Sunday School has presented its annual Christmas program here.  Our school classes have presented plays, puppet shows and musicals here.  But this is more than a theater.  It is also a worship sanctuary.  Here we have gathered to hear God's Word, receive His holy sacrament, and worship Him with songs of praise and prayers of thanks at our Grand Opening Worship Celebration, Reformation Festivals, Thanksgiving Celebrations, Easter Worship and more.