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The ESC program of Our Savior Lutheran School was formed to serve families who need child care for their children attending OSLS. Our intent is to offer OSLS parents an affordable, quality, on-site child care for school-age children during the school year, consistent with the philosophy and practice of Our Savior Lutheran School.  Unfortunately we cannot meet all needs and every convenience for every family. Yet we want to be as helpful as possible to you and to your child while still providing a quality program for everyone.  ESC operates under the direction of the Board of Christian Education of Our Savior Lutheran Church and School, and is placed under the general supervision of the school principal. The day-to-day programming is managed by the ESC program director.  This ESC handbook serves as a supplement to the OSLS Parent Handbook. The school reserves the right to amend, adjust, add to, or delete its policies and requirements.